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AI-driven Software

Greet Health provides and supports the web-based software developed by UNC Reese Innovation Lab's computer vision engineers, user experience designers, and health care experts. The software uses AI, specifically computer vision, to detect if people are wearing masks and it can detect if people are standing too close.


Using custom-developed hardware specifically designed for this application enables accurate tracking.


You can customize the look and feel for your kiosk or screen display. Our team can help get your brand's design  integrated into the displays

Individual kiosk installs can be linked for tracking and competition.

Software Features

  • Social Distance Detection

  • Mask Detection

  • Scientific, non-bias compliance monitoring

  • Vertical, horizontal and mobile display

  • Deployable on existing hardware or a full-service package

  • Remote support, updates and security fixes

  • Software As A Service Model (SAAS)