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Your FAQs, Answered

Here are some common questions you might have about what Gree Health offers. But if we haven’t answered everything for you, feel free to contact our team with different or additional questions.

  • Do you provide custom consulting services?
    Yes! We work with all our clients to provide the best solution for their unique situations. Our team will understand your location, audience, individual goals, and limitations as they actually are – all to best design the ideal solution to keep your customers, visitors and employees healthy.
  • Can I order from outside the U.S.?
    Yes! We can ship internationally to almost any country.
  • What if I only need the equipment for a single event or for a short time?
    You’re in luck! Contact us and we can provide Greet Health equipment on a per-day basis for your event.
  • Are you storing digital video or using facial-recognition technology?
    No. Privacy is important, especially in emerging tech. We intentionally use only person detection and not facial recognition. Once our kiosk detects a person, its tests for a mask. That test happens locally (in the specific machine), not in the cloud. No imagery is transmitted out of that local machine.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    No. We don’t offer a free trial for the Greet Health solution, but we will extend you a 30-day return policy. If our software doesn’t match the needs of your organization, you can return it before the 30th day after your purchase and receive a full refund.
  • Which minimum requirements should my system have to run the Greet Health software?
    A USB cord and a reliable connection to WiFi. When you buy the Greet Health package, we’ll ship the custom-made hardware to you. We’d recommend that you use this specific hardware. Once you’ve plugged the modem into your screen via the USB cord, you’ll just need to connect it to WiFi. From there, it should start running through your system.
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