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Mask and social distance detection

Greet 2021 with

Healthier, Safer Events.

We use mask detection, social distancing measurement and smart crowd-flow messaging so that you can empower your employees, customers and visitors to create safe environments.



Greet Health joins AI, gamification and unique user experiences to keep visitors healthy from the moment they enter your campus, building or event center. Our system greets them with personalized, healthy encouragements for a safer environment in our COVID context.

AI developers, computer vision engineers and user experience experts from the UNC Reese Innovation Lab built a hardware and software solution that engages audiences in crowd-flow and social distancing protocols through gamification, positive messaging and data visualization of real-time statistics.​



The Greet Health's team has developed three emerging technology products to encourage safer, healthier in-person environments during COVID-19. They are the Health Greeter Kiosks, FastPass and ShowPass.

This combination of tech options will help you design and implement the system that provides helpful health information to your customers or visitors, spanning from before your event begins to after it ends. 


Health Greeter Kiosks: Mask and 

Social Distancing Signage

Here’s our AI and machine solution for detecting and displaying social distancing guidelines. As visitors approach the monitor, they’ll see two types of messages: encouragements for wearing their masks and keeping their distance from others, or encouragements to do so when they aren't.

FastPass: Crowd Flow Optimization Software with Real-Time Messaging 

Manage the flow of large crowds at events, campuses and businesses through this reservation system that directs visitors through your building. Need to clear a room ahead of the next meeting happening there? ShowPass lets you reserve every room (and denote every entry and exit) ahead of time.

ShowPass: Systematic Monitoring of COVID-19 exposure

Help your future visitors travel, attend and return as safely as possible. FastPass coordinates rapid COVID-19 tests at every checkpoint of their attendance, to keep all attendees informed of their exposure status.


4201 Farrington Rd

Durham, NC 27707 

Tel: 919-360-8907

Technology marketing by Lexus 9


Developed at UNC Reese Innovation Lab and licensed from UNC-Chapel Hill. A percentage of revenue is provided to UNC and the Reese Innovation Lab.


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